Frequently Asked Questions


Want to learn more about The EGC? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions…


How is this different than just having a lawyer on retainer?

It’s very different.  The traditional retainer arrangement, which has gradually eroded away over the years, is modeled on a “Call me when you have a problem” concept.  The lawyer was frequently out of sight and out of mind.  However, the monthly retainer fees still accrued.  The EGC is a partnership, where the EGC is an integral part of the management team, helping to make decisions and working proactively for the business.

I already have a lawyer.  He’s my friend. 

If you have a lawyer and you’re comfortable with him or her, great.  But if you’ve ever wondered if your lawyer is doing everything possible to help your business grow and thrive, then you need to determine whether or not your lawyer is the best for your business.  Your lawyer may be a good friend or a golf buddy, but that does not mean he or she is the best lawyer to represent your business.

But I’ve known my lawyer for a long time.  He also represented my sister in her divorce and my niece in traffic court.

When was the last time you went to the dentist about pain in your knees?  Having a lawyer who practices in many different areas of law means that the lawyer probably knows a little about lot of different areas.  Wouldn’t you prefer to work with a lawyer who knows a lot about what makes businesses thrive?

How are you able to keep your fees so low?

By keeping expenses low, the fees can be kept low. Most law firms have significant overhead ($200,000 or more per attorney!) which must be paid for by you, the client. For instance, one local law firm spent upwards of $20,000 on a marketing consultant to determine the best way to display the letter “U”. That $20,000 came right from the clients’ checking accounts.

Why do I need a lawyer?  I don’t have any problems.

Probably the better way to phrase this is to say “I don’t have any problems … right now.”  All businesses have problems.  Good businesses work to minimize them, bad businesses do not.  Good businesses work proactively to avoid them, bad businesses work reactively to clean up the mess.  Good businesses succeed.  Bad businesses fail. 

How will the EGC help my business?

As a trusted advisor, I will learn how your business operates and how decisions are made.  I will examine your business operations, looking for legal trouble spots and will recommend (and help implement) changes to minimize those.  I will also learn about your business culture, processes and employees.  This will provide consistency and dependability going forward.  In other words, I will work with you, not for you. 

If I hire The EGC, what should I expect?

First and foremost, you’d be congratulated on making an excellent business decision!  After that, we’ll meet to discuss your business.   Expect to discuss the ups and downs of running your business, as well as where you’d like to take the business in the future.  Then, we’ll start with a Legal Review of your business operations, through which we’ll identify areas of weakness and strength.

What will that do?

Once the Legal Review is concluded, we’ll will sit down to discuss the findings.  We’ll create an Action List and begin to implement the items discussed.  By doing this, you will be taking a proactive role in managing the legal aspects of your business, making sure that everything is in order going forward.