The Value Added Proposition


Adding Value to the Business

Business owners are often so busy running the business, they lose sight of how others – outside the business – can truly help and provide a benefit.  An EGC does just that: assists the business to grow and be more profitable.

Bringing the benefits to small to mid-sized businesses

In larger businesses, the corporate leaders do not spend a sizable portion of time dealing with legal review or contract negotiations.  They do not review and revise the customer agreements, vendor agreement or employment policies.  They do not oversee the corporate governance, or resolve business disputes themselves.  That work is delegated to the in-house lawyer.  In fact, it makes sense for these issues to be handled by an individual lawyer who has broad understanding of the business and broad legal experience, rather than an executive whose experience and training lies elsewhere. 

It only makes sense that small and middle market businesses should have the same opportunities – without having to incur the cost of employing a full-time attorney.