Open communication is a must. No bones about it. Good two-way communications is paramount. Most EGC engagements include unlimited telephone calls and unlimited emails.  By removing the concept of “the clock is ticking,” clients are encouraged to reach out and proactively utilize their EGC as a trusted advisor, all while eliminating the concern of “How much is this phone call costing me?”

General Services

KS OL_The Entrepreneurial General Counsel_FinalFiles.png
  • Day-to-day legal affairs and advice

  • Corporate governance, compliance and ethics, shareholder/investor issues

  • Contracts, customer/vendor/licensing agreements, negotiations

  • Business formation

  • Corporate documents

  • Advice on day-to-day warranty issues

  • Employment issues, harassment, discrimination, compensation

  • Advice on day-to-day employment matters

  • Routine intellectual property

  • Advice and counseling on strategic partnerships and alliances

  • Risk analysis and risk management, including director/officer liability

  • Litigation avoidance strategies

  • Controls and compliance

  • Internet & E-Commerce

  • Real estate purchase, leasing and construction

  • Equipment leases/contracts and transactions

  • Advice on creditor’s rights and bankruptcy

  • And more …

Specialized Services

  • Litigation

  • Financing, venture capital and private equity

  • Debt and equity financing

  • Non-general corporate law matters

  • Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and capitalization matters

  • Complex trademark matters